Web Services – Be Present Online

Domain Name

Domain Name

Define your business name, choose the best name to represent your activity and bring it online.

No management except registration

Link your MX record to your web site and email system

Management & Registration

The control on your domain ensures its safety

Manages your MX record from webpage


Annual fees

Own your domain from 10 to $15

Email Server

No physical server in your office but your own dedicated email Server in our datacenter. Let us provide to you server with full management and support.

Advanced Email Server

Strong need in email account

Sharing same IP public with other email server

Dedicated Email Server

Management of your email server online

Own your IP public to reduce Spam

Dedicated Email Server Singapore

Locate your email server in Singapore

Good for clients oversea for better bandwidth

Hosting Web & Web

The easiest way to put your website and email online without investment in IT infrastructures is renting a host. We get enough place and bandwidth for all you needs.

Host your Web

Put your website online without infrastructure in network

Size of database will balance with bandwidth & storage

Host your Email

Small demand in email account

Get your email online and access everywhere

Host your Email & Web

Keep your mail & Website in same place

Easy to manage and control your mails and Website


Annual Fees


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