Introducing Windows 365 Frontline

Windows 365 Frontline introductory video must have helped you more or less to get an overview and better understand how it works, Windows 365 Frontline brings Cloud PC flexibility to shift and part-timers.

From the home office to the boardroom to the frontline, how we work continues to change and evolve. There’s more permanence in the flexibility people have come to expect in how they work. “By the end of 2023, 39 percent of global knowledge workers will work hybrid, up from 37 percent in 2022,” according to Gartner, Inc.1 As remote work and distributed workforces continue to disrupt and change work patterns for information workers, we see flexible work needs in areas of frontline work as well.

We know how essential frontline workers are to business operations, critical systems, and customer experience. Flexibility is key, but flexibility may look different in some scenarios for frontline workers.

Today, Microsoft is excited to share how we are expanding Windows 365—your Windows in the cloud—with Windows 365 Frontline. Now in public preview, Windows 365 Frontline helps organizations meet the needs of their entire workforce. We also deliver Cloud PCs to more devices than ever, with new LG and Motorola integrations.

“Gartner estimates that there are 2.7 billion frontline workers—more than twice the number of desk-based workers.”3 Organizations face unique challenges to meet their IT and workplace experience needs. Companies must scale technology faster and to a much larger population. Equipping all frontline employees with their own devices is not economically feasible for many organizations, particularly when many only require access while on the job. Frontline workers often share physical PCs or kiosks, which some CIOs have told us pose real security and identity challenges. This can inhibit productivity and put critical information like intellectual property or customer data at risk.

With Windows 365 Frontline, we are introducing an easy and affordable way for organizations to extend the power and security of Cloud PCs to shift workers. Windows 365 Frontline Cloud PCs provide these employees access to their personalized Windows apps, settings, and data, helping them save time and increase efficiency, and freeing them to work from anywhere and on any device. It offers new features for IT admins to better empower frontline workers.

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