According to the development of technology, computer equipment and data play an important role for individuals and businesses. During long-term use, the durability of these devices needs attention.

With the normal Warranty policy included a new product, it is good enough, however, in case the equipment has an issue after the warranty period expires, the Seller could not continue the Warranty for you.
The Warranty Extension Package will solve your worries with the following benefits:

  • Customers are eligible for the standard warranty as specified during the extended warranty period.
  • Effective immediately after the end of the Genuine Warranty package
  • Low cost, lasting effect.

ITM offers a promotion program for customers who want to extend product warranty packages in the second quarter as follows:

  • 30% discount on warranty extension service package
  • Applicable to products: Laptop, PC, Server
  • Promotion period: March 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022

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