With more than 50 employees, Volcafe requires the highest quality of equipment for its offices.

ITM entirely equiped the buiding, setting up a cabling network & Fiber able to provide internet connexion for more than 50 PC & servers on a surface of 700 m2.


  • Cabling Network & Fiber
  • Server Room installation


  • VOIP : with specially requirement that the Analogic PBX cannot adapt. Consult our page Phone System and VOIP to know more about VOIP.
  • We were building the full VOIP system for Volcafe based on the Asterisk background  with a real physical Server.
  • With a full provide for VOIP devices from Server to desk phone, it is completely full solution for all need of new IP phone generation.


  • Asset PC, Laptop, Printer
  • IT Support contract
  • Server room equipment
  • Consulting


  • Polycom Audio
  • Video Projecteur on Celling 
ITM Recent Work Volcafe
ITM Recent Work Volcafe
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