Simple Annual Pricing

Annual Fee (US$)

Server Backup (AhsayOBM)


  • Files and folders
  • MS Exchange Database
  • MS SQL Database
  • MySQL Database
  • Windows System
  • Windows System State


Per Device


Office 365 Add-On
Exchange (Outlook), SharePoint, OneDrive

Per O365 User

Exchange Mailbox Add-On
Individual mailboxes backup for MS Exchange Server

Per mailbox

NAS Add-On
QNAP / Synology backup

Per OBM Account

VM Add-On
Mware / Hyper-V Guest VM

Per VM

Granular Restore Add-On
Restore granular files and folders from backup

Per Backup Set

Workstation Backup (AhsayACB)


  • Files and folders
  • Windows System
Per Device

Office 365 Add-On
Exchange (Outlook), SharePoint, OneDrive

Per O365 User

Central Management (AhsayCBS)

  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Dashboard
  • Backup/Restore Log
  • Email Report
  • Reseller Management
  • API
Per Installation


      • To cloud or standby AhsayCBS server
      • Replicate users’ backup data and profiles
      • Replicate backup server settings
      • Close to real-time replication
Per Device


      • Redirect users to different AhsayCBS backup servers
Per Device

Backup Appliance OS (AhsayCBS)

  • Optimized for running AhsayCBS application
Per Installation


  • AhsayCBS local storage
  • Azure
  • Amazon S3
  • AWS Compatible
  • Backblaze B2
  • Google Cloud
  • Wasabi
Bring Your Own Storage

Rebranding for CBS, OBM, ACB (optional)

  • Rebrand and customize CBS, OBM, ACB software
  • Build rebranded client and server software installers
One Time Fee

Rebranding for Ahsay Mobile app (optional)

Initial Setup

      • One branding and application to Apple and Google
One Time Fee

Additional Branding Fee (per brand)

One Time Fee for Each Additional Brand

SMS message package

      • Per 500 messages (US$0.2 / message)

US$0.2 Per SMS Message

Quarterly Branding Maintenance

Including fixes and newer release according to Ahsay formal version


Per Quater

Example on Rebranding for Ahsay Mobile App: Initial charge for 1 Brand = $300 (setup) + $100 (SMS) + $150 (1st quarter monthly fee) = $550

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