What New Windows 365 Frontline Features Are Useful for Your Business?

With Windows 365 Frontline, each license you purchase enables three people to access a Cloud PC during their work hours. This means that instead of purchasing a license for every shift worker, you can purchase only enough licenses for the number of active employees at a given time. For example, say you have 300 employees but only 100 of them work at the same time. You only need to purchase 100 licenses to give all 300 employees access to their personalized Windows experience during their shifts.

Windows 365 Frontline provides access to the full, personalized Windows experience streamed from Microsoft Cloud and can be purchased, deployed, and managed by Microsoft Intune alongside your other Cloud PCs and physical devices.

Windows 365 is a complete Windows experience in the cloud, and it’s built to showcase the best of what Microsoft offers. It’s a platform to deliver more features and richer experiences to frontline and shift workers, such as the new Microsoft Teams and premium experiences like Microsoft 365 Copilot (as they become available), on industry-specific apps and across a wide variety of devices from kiosks to handhelds to PCs.Once employees log in, they have immediate access to all their personalized resources—apps, data, desktops, and settings—so they can hit the ground running at the start of every shift.

When employees are ready to start their shift, they simply sign into Windows 365 from the web or the Windows 365 app. And when they sign out at the end of the workday, a personalized Cloud PC becomes available for the next employee.

To help ensure the security of your organization’s data, maximize IT investments, and provide a seamless, personalized Windows experience for your shift workers, Windows 365 Frontline includes additional features like:

  • Automatic lock screen: Protect your organization from unauthorized access with a setting that automatically signs users out of their Cloud PCs after a time-out period that you specify.
  • Auto sign-out: If an employee forgets to sign out at the end of a shift, you can automate user log-off to ensure access to a Cloud PC is made available for the next worker.
  • Auto reset: In situations where data must be wiped from a Cloud PC at the end of a shift, the auto-reset feature restores the Cloud PC to its original state for each new session. Workers in highly secure situations or those who handle sensitive data—such as healthcare workers, customer service agents, and technical support teams—can be productive on Cloud PCs in alignment with their organization’s security policies. This feature will not be available during the public preview.
  • Optimized updates: Leveraging existing Windows Update for Business policies set by the organization, this feature helps intelligently optimize the timing of applying Windows updates to minimize reboots during the shift.
  • Frontline utilization report: Usage patterns of Cloud PCs are easy to monitor in Microsoft Intune with reporting to help customers ensure they have enough Cloud PCs to suit the needs of their employees during their shift.




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