Different trees having different flowers, different families having different types, no one knows their home topography better than you do. Therefore, you want to install the camera system for your home by yourself, but choosing the right installation location makes you a headache.😕😕
⁉ This place is easy to install, easy to connect, but the viewing angle is not broad.
❓ This place is reasonable but it is difficult to connect wires.
❓ This place children can reach, so you don’t want to connect wires because of danger.
Don’t let you waste time, headache thinking, Arenti provides smart cameras for wireless, rechargeable battery with outstanding advantages:
👉 Large-capacity rechargeable battery, up to 6700mAh, which helps the cameras can work for 3-6 months based on 10-20 times triggering per day after a full charge.
👉 Wire-free, worry-free because you do not need to connect complicated wires, can simply and easily move the installation location.
Two wireless and rechargeable Arenti cameras that are convenient for you:
✅ W1 Outdoor Camera
📌Price: 2,300,000 VND PROMOTION: 1,600,000 VND
✅ B1 Video Doorbell Camera
📌Price: 2,680,000 VND PROMOTION: 1,900,000 VND
📆 Promotion price applies until the end of April 2021
🚛🚛Ship COD in Vietnam
🚐🚐Free delivery even only 1 in HCM City
☁️☁️3 months free cloud storage
👩‍💼👩‍💼Free Consultation
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