In today’s evolving landscape of generative AI, data privacy and protection have become paramount. Google Workspace is committed to safeguarding user data while harnessing the power of technologies like Duet AI. This article explores the measures taken by Google to ensure the privacy and security of data within Google Workspace.

Key Privacy Commitments:

Google has a long-standing principle of providing users with choice and control over their data. This commitment remains unchanged as Google enters the era of generative AI. Here are the key facts regarding the handling of data within Google Workspace:

1. Your data is yours: The content you create within Google Workspace, such as emails and documents, belongs to you. Google does not sell your data, and you have the ability to delete or export your content.

2. Data stays within Workspace: Google does not utilize your Workspace data to train or enhance generative AI models outside of Workspace without your explicit permission. This ensures that your data remains within the confines of the Workspace environment.

3. Privacy protection: Interactions with intelligent Workspace features, like spell check or spam reporting, are anonymized and aggregated to improve the overall user experience. Google is committed to developing new features, such as improved prompt suggestions while maintaining strict privacy protections.

4. No ads targeting: Google does not collect, scan, or utilize your content within Google Workspace for advertising purposes. Your content remains private and is not used to target ads.

Security and Compliance Commitments for Businesses:
For Google Workspace Enterprise customers who adopt Duet AI, robust data protection and security standards are upheld. The following measures are in place to ensure the privacy and security of business, education, and public-sector customers:

1. Internal organization: Interactions with Duet AI are confined to your organization. Any prompts or generated content remain within your Workspace environment and are not shared externally.

2. Existing security measures: Duet AI inherits the enterprise-grade security features of Google Workspace. This includes the automatic application of your organization’s controls and data handling practices, such as data-regions policies and Data Loss Prevention.

3. Domain-specific content usage: None of your content is used for model training outside of your domain without explicit permission.

Google Workspace is dedicated to maintaining the privacy and security of user data, even in the era of generative AI. Through strict privacy commitments, data ownership assurances, and robust security measures, Google ensures that users have control over their data while benefitting from the power of Duet AI within the Workspace environment.

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