Security – Anti Virus & Firewall

Anti Virus

Everyday, 160,000 computers get infected by online virus in Vietnam. Insuring the safety of your device and data is necessary. For a perfect peace of mind while web surfing, get the protection that match your needs.

For Who

Home users and home businesses

Small businesses & small servers

Large scope of users and servers with central deploy and management


Annual renewal license

Different packages of renewal: increase or reduce the quantity

Flexibility to change your anti-virus version


Depends on the requirements

First level of protection from $15

Firewall Hardware

The risk of losing strategical data on internet increases everyday. Firewall became necessary for companies intending to keep their data and network safe from hackers or any threats.
Regarding our experience, we advice you specific products and brands that match your needs to get a reliable protection.

Hardware Devices

The model you need depends on the number of users within your network

The compatibility with your network is the main criteria to choose the right model and brand


More options integrated for Anti-virus, Anti-Spam , IPS… can be added if needed

Bundle package is available at best price


Depends on size of your network

Start from $500 for a small network

Firewall Software

Heavy Duty

A huge data size with high availability

Good protection and arrangement for your data

Creating yourself the firewall policy for your security or reducing cost by Open Source Firewall. Firewall for software fits with high technical level of IT.

Licensing & Open Sources

Options for Linux or Windows Firewall

Open Source are available in many Kernel

Administration System

Requires server to run firewall software

Needs technical skills for configuration and management


Free of charge version is available in Open Source

Full charge version with modification packet is available


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