Dear Valuable Customer,

ITM – Partner of Microsoft are pleased to announce that price of On-premises (On-prem) and Cloud products will be increased under Microsoft’s Commercial pricing policy.

1, Increase price of On-prem products from 01st September 2021

From July 2021

  • On-prem products are fully available on CSP channel (including GGWA)
  • Microsoft does not update new products to the Open license channel
  • Microsoft increased the on-prem price of Government Customers by an average of 15% and equal to the price of Commercial Customers for the same product.

September to November 2021: Prices of Open license products, respectively, increase in price as detailed above.

December 2021: End of the Open License program on 31st December 2021.

Recommendations for customers:

  • Quickly buy new licenses/legalize shortages before 01st September 2021.
  • ITM encourages customers to buy via CSP from July 2021.

2. Increase the price of Cloud Products

The first commercial price increased for M365/Office 365 products since Office 365 was released in June 2011 (approximately 10 years from release), which Microsoft added approximately 25 new apps and 1400 new features since then. Typical:

  • The birth of Microsoft Teams as one of optimal solution with meetings, chat, calls, collaboration and the ability to automate business processes.
  • Added capabilities such as data loss prevention (DLP) for documents and email, Office message encryption, and attack surface reduction capabilities.
  • And add new AI-powered capabilities to help automate tasks, find the information you need, and help communicate in more accessible ways for everyone.

For more information, please contact the information below for advice and the best quote which suit your needs:

1900 9450

Thank you very much.

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