Data is an important asset to companies and individuals. Smart data management will help to work efficiently. With the rapidly increasing speed of data capacity, businesses and individuals must strengthen their storage systems. Currently, for small businesses (SMB) and individuals who need high capacity data storage, NAS SYNOLOGY is the best solution of choice.


NAS (Network Attached Storage) is also known as network hard drive. NAS is a storage device attached to a local network to centrally store data and access data from a central host to many different computers on the same network, helping to manage Data management is easier and more efficient.


  • File Storage and Backup

NAS is a solution to replace traditional storage methods such as USB, memory card, portable hard drive. The advantage of NAS is that data is managed centrally, can be accessed anytime, anywhere with no limit on capacity, number of devices accessed at the same time.

  • File Syncing and Sharing

Because the data storage is centralized and the connection of the NAS is over the local network, sharing data between office colleagues, businesses with customers or family members at home is very easy and efficient. In addition, the data is differentiated and synchronized, making it easy to search and save time.

  • Friendly and Easy-to-use

The server system is too expensive, requires complex management and maintenance with high costs will be replaced with a NAS storage device. You can easily upgrade and administer with basic steps of use, without requiring any special advanced skills.

However, unlike a normal external hard drive, just buy and install it to be used, NAS needs to be configured and deployed in order to be effectively shared to the End User, so buyers are always quoted for additional configuration services.

Promotion for Customers in Quarter I, 2021: Free service up to VND 5,000,000 when purchasing NAS including:

• Audit system and give solution
• Set up basic
• Configuration and deployment File sharing to End Users
• Backup and sync original settings
• Install equipment on the rack

Conditions include:

• Applicable to purchases NAS from ITM, excluding other promotions
• The scale is under 30 users, if more than 30, a fee will be charge for extra (the quantity of EU must be informed in advance)
• Application period: January 01, 2021 to March 31, 2021

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information:

Hotline: 1900 9450


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