The ongoing Coronavirus attack across the world is forcing organizations to ask their employees to work from home to prevent the spread of the virus, maintaining work schedules and productivity, instead of going for a complete cessation of operations.

Do you have enough resource for WFH, these below IT check points might help you review & crosscheck your plan effectively?


  • Internet Access:
    • Company: In order to allow all WFH staff to connect to Company’s Data, you need a very good internet speed and stable to adapt quantity of users access concurrently and data transfer. Resizing your true needs to choose the right Internet package.
    • User: make sure your team not going to coffee shop or others public place to have WIFI. If you staff don’t have an laptop, think about renting or let them borrow the desktop, an WIFI card will help if they don’t have LAN line at home will help you saving cost if you don’t have budget to order new laptop for each one.


  • Collaboration tools: Skype, Zoom, Slack, Google Docs and Sheet can be help a lot, and if you think to bring all into one environment, MS Teams is good options to for Free version and pay the extra if you want more features. After nCovid 19, maybe a lot of company think more about WFH and its benefit so the investment now can be used for long-term, therefore think about MS Office 365 (CSP) if possible.


  • Data Sharing: The Company need to decide how to share their Data for the WFH staff: Cloud or Local storage. It also depends on how important your data and how big it is. Spent time to upload to cloud (Personal & Professional Cloud) also 1 thing the company need to consider. One of the most difficulty of Architecture & Design Company that they worry for their data is too large and not secure when transfer internet, it’s time to think about VPN.


  • System Performance & Security: whatever Cloud or Local storage that you decided to use for your Data, it must be in good performance & security as it changes all user’s activity & behavior and Company’s data utilization. The Router/Firewall is our recommendation in any way.
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