Microsoft announced the general availability of the Microsoft Intune Suite on March 1, 2023. Microsoft Intune Suite unifies a series of advanced endpoint management and security capabilities. The capabilities of the suite are integrated with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Security across endpoint platforms for both cloud and co-managed devices.   Microsoft want to share three reasons why the new Intune Suite will matter to you.

What is the Microsoft Intune Suite?

  • Remote Help is a tool that will assist helpdesks—especially important as workers are now working away from the office more often. Remote Help is already available for Windows users and will also come to Android and Mac endpoints in future releases. It enables IT helpdesk teams to remotely troubleshoot a user’s desktop and mobile devices based on a user’s existing company identity. The extra Android support will prove particularly useful for managing frontline workers’ devices. Learn more about recent Remote Help updates for Windows.
  • Endpoint Privilege Management, in preview in March 2023 and generally available in April 2023, will enable the controlled elevation of Windows standard users so security controls don’t get in the way of productivity. The right users will have the right privileges at the right time, to reduce the security risk of overprivileged users and reduce the burden on the help desk by allowing greater self-serve for basic scenarios, like setting up a local printer
  • The Intune Suite also offers advanced endpoint analytics features, data-driven insights that help IT administrators understand, anticipate, and improve the user experience for the staff in the organization.
  • There is also Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile App Management, a micro-VPN that connects corporate resources from personal iOS/iPadOS and Android devices, so employees can have access to company resources from their personal mobile devices when duty calls.
  • The Intune Suite improves the management of specialty devices, to give employees the flexibility to choose the device they need to get the job done without those devices becoming points of vulnerability.

Why Microsoft Intune Suite is Important?

  • Improve security and reduce attack vectors. The Intune Suite delivers integration on multiple levels: between the various Intune Suite components, with Microsoft 365, and with other Microsoft Security assets. One extra advantage of using a single vendor for more of your endpoint security needs is that there is one single dataset rather than multiple disparate streams of data. Uniform, consistent data means better security analytics and visibility to potential vulnerabilities and anomalies. You can’t mitigate what you can’t see. Bringing together the data and actionable insights in one place increases your ability to assess, manage, and act on potential risks across your device landscape.

“The Microsoft Intune Suite is going to help us consolidate our endpoint management solutions, saving costs, making our lives easier, and keeping the hospital data secure. I would highly recommend the Microsoft Intune Suite to any organization looking to enhance their security posture.”—Ibrar Mahmood, IT Cyber Security Manager, Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

  • Simplify endpoint management: Simplification also enables the consolidation of your security vendors—A Gartner® survey reported in September 2022 that 75 percent of organizations are pursuing security vendor consolidation in 2022, up from 29 percent in 2020.2 This not only presents the opportunity to reduce risk and direct licensing costs but saves time and mental overhead in not having to manage so many supplier relationships. One example of reduced mental overhead: the Intune Suite also simplifies your IT and security operations. One unified admin console means unified workflows. You no longer need to hop from one admin console to the next or stitch together workflows.

One example of reduced mental overhead: the Intune Suite also simplifies your IT and security operations. One unified admin console means unified workflows. You no longer need to hop from one admin console to the next or stitch together workflows.

Enable cost savings: First, the Intune Suite reduces the overhead of negotiating and overseeing separate contracts with multiple vendors. It means less integration of work between components and training on different tools. It also means fewer costs from employee downtime due to a security breach and lower IT helpdesk costs through fewer inbound calls and faster resolution of remaining tickets. Second, the Intune Suite bundled list price is lower than the sum of all the individual capabilities of the Intune Suite and delivers Microsoft integrated value greater than the cost and overhead of managing alternative vendor solutions.

The new Intune Suite can simplify our customers’ endpoint management experience, improve their security posture, and keep people at the center with exceptional user experiences. Microsoft Security and Microsoft 365 deeply integrated with the Intune Suite will empower IT and security teams with data science and AI to increase automation, helping them move simply and quickly from reactive to proactive in addressing endpoint management and other security challenges.

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