Meeting Room & Video Conference

Meeting Room

Comfortable and successfull meetings goes with the technologies and devices used to handle them. We offer the best tools for your presentations and discussions.


Presenting your project, explaining your idea has never been easier

Take control of your slide, adjust your camera, reduce your sound…. Everything is controled in one click

More professional in presentation, more successful in meeting


Always updating new technologies for meeting solution

Carry the convenience to every meeting

Camera, sound, video … The best choice in quality products.


These small devices offer a better view and convenience and ensure a bettert support for your presentation and connection.

For the Table

No more mess in cabling on your table

Bring all your connections ( network, telephone, VGA electric…) on your table in a convenient, ordered and elegant way

Control your meeting devices from your seat

For the Celling

Hand on your presentation devices

Hide your screen and projector inside the ceiling

Make more space for your place


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