Maintenance Contract IT Support

Why a Maintenance Contract ?

  • This package is built for companies who require IT maintenance support in order to strenghten their business
  • Unlimited intervention by remote
  • High availability on site
  • Quick response
  • Highly qualified interlocutors
ITM Maintenance Contract IT Support & IT Services

How it Works

  • The first step is the optimization of your system: ITM has a large catalog of IT policies and processes to recommend (Access right to company data, backup, software, security…).
  • After integration in the contract, users can easily contact our call center to get immediate IT support.
  • A regular check of system and of each PC/Laptop is operated to maintain the highest level of performances of the whole IT System of your company which allows you to focus and develop your business.
  • Want to know more? Click here to see our explanatory video of the ITM Maintenance Contract.

Benefices of a Maintenance Contract

  • Reporting: Backup and Maintenance of PC and Laptop. Server is checked regularly in order to maintain its power and protect your data.
  • Short Response time: Thanks to a large team composed of experts from different domains, we can fastly solve your problem.
  • Understanding of customer’s needs: with 17 years of experience in business IT Support and advice, we have the skills to suggest different solutions regarding to your needs.
  • System Improvement: our target is to make your system running at its best and with minimum downtime. We also suggest cost saving methods for your IT budget.
  • Project & Evolution: ITM is familiar with increase of customer’s business activity, we will be a partner for your new development project.

Scope for IT Support Maintenance Contract

  • System & Network :
    • Management of general infrastructure, server (physical & virtual) and network devices
    • Operating system: update, change, renew, reinstall
    • ERP or any working software for the customer
  • Users Support:
    • Unlimited support for hardware, software…
    • All need for IT related issues
  • Web services Support System for email & Web :
    • Support system for website, domain name, hosting, email…
  • Report & recommendation :
    • Investigation and make report for the current system
    • Recommendation to fix/prevent problems, to get more performance and stability


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