Backup & Storage Solution


Easy to Share

Memory cards for smart phones and tablets

Easy to share your file by USB, just Plug & Play

Small Business

Business purpose with bigger size of external HDD

Small backup and movable storage for your work

Cheap cost for small data size

Start your USB with $10

Flexible Sizing


High availability

Auto back up your data from physical level

Scaling your size

Flexibility to extend your size of data

Insert more hard drive to get more place


Depends on size of storage and functions of the NAS

The basic NAS can start with $300

Heavy Duty & Cloud

Heavy Duty

A huge data size with high availability

Good protection and arrangement for your data

Strong technical requirement

Online Storage

Keep your data out of office

Access to your data everywhere

Monthly fees

Huge data size come with big cost

Management fees required

First Cloud size with $100


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