To return a product, please, firstly check the ITM returning policy.

I. How to Return

With ITM Computercare, you have two possibilities to return a product: send it back by postal service to ITM shop or bring it back yourself.

1. Postal service

To send back your item, fulfil, print and add to your packet this return form. Then, send us back the item*.

*Please, note that shipping costs for return are not supported by ITM Computercare but charged to the customer.

1.2. Bring it back to our shop

You can return your item by bringing it back to ITM shop with your receipt*. We will process to collect it if it matches the ITM return criteria.

* The receipt is sent to you by email just after fulfilling the order process


II. ITM Return Policy

Once you have return your item and ITM Computercare has checked that the return conditions are validated*, you can benefit from our return policy:

  • ITM replaces your device
  • If a return is not possible, ITM gives you a credit on its shop.

* Please see the return conditions below

1. Replacement

If your item doesn’t fit our commitment, ITM undertakes to replace it with a new one within the necessary delays*.

* Please note that the delivery delays depends on our stock availability.
   In case of return and replacement, the delivery fees are charged to ITM.

1.2. Credit

If, for some reasons, we cannot replace your item, ITM gives you a credit of equivalent value to your item* that you can use on products in our shop. The credit is valid during one month. The period of validity starts the day you receive the credit.

* For items purchased on sale, the amount of credit will be the exact amount paid, and not its original value. The credit is only usable on products in our shop. You can’t use your credit on ITM website. The credit is only usable on a selection of articles made by ITM staff.


III. Return Conditions

IT Management guarantees that all purchased products are genuine and brand new. The products you receive must not be damaged, work well and match with product’s description on

In case the product you receive does not meet our commitment, you will have 7 days calendar to return it. Countdown starts from the date you received the item to the day you bring it back to ITM Shop.

Please note that some products are under particular return policies of some brands/vendors/certain categories. See below the different length of warranty. 


Categorie of products 1 Month 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years
PC & Laptop (ASUS, Dell,…)
TV & LCD (Dell, LG,…)
VGA card
Keyboard – Mouse
Internal HDD
External HDD
Camera and Alarm
Electric and UPS
Telephone & Home VOIP
Wifi & Router
Apple Devices


1. Requirements for valid return

  • Products must be returned with Return form if sent by post or receipt if brought back to the shop
  • Products must have no sign of use or repair, full box, full accessories, user manual, stamps and/ or warranty stamp and free gifts (if any).
  • Return delay is not over 7 calendar days from delivery date. Countdown starts from the date you received the item to the day you return it to us.
  • Products are not under a particular return and refunds policies of some brands/ vendors/ certain categories.
  • Return reason has to be valid and meet terms and conditions (check out below)


X : Not Required | ✓: Required

Return Reasons Returns Acceptance Conditions
New condition Complete (free gifts, accessories, original box) Not damaged Tags & labels attached
Damaged x x
Defective x
Not as advertised
Wrong item delivered
Missing parts / Items x

Please note that change of mind is not a valid return reason.

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