Warranty Details

ITM items are warrantied with a warranty stamp fixed on the items.

1 Warranty Conditions

1.1 Free warranty for product with these conditions

  • Defective product from manufacturer
  • Warranty period is available
  • Customer keeps the receipt
  • Warranty stamp must be in new conditions without patch, erase, repair

1.2 Non-warranty cases

  •  If you break one of warranty conditions in Section 1.
  • Serial number, model do not match with information in Warranty constructor.
  • Product is repaired at service center where does not have authorization from the manufacturer.
  • Damage of product is belong to customer and damage is not belong to competence of manufacturer.


2 Warranty Period

The warranty period is counted from the date of purchase or the specified date on the warranty stamp.


3 Warranty Center

Information of Warranty Centers will be written in the Warranty stamp. Please contact us directly.

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