Security for your Office & Factory

Camera & Alarm

Camera system is the good choice for observation, recording and security monitoring for your office & factory.

Many types of products and technologies can meet your needs. An alarm system is a good assistant to warning you in cases of intrusion.


Online observation

Smartphone application

Night vision

Outdoor environment with IPS 65,66,67


Control your system via your cell phone

Wireless system is available to avoid hard cabling

Cabling system will be required for big zone

Call & SMS notification

Access Control & Security Guard Solution

How to control the access of your staff and visitors to your office? How to be sure that your security guards check your factory?

Our solution put you in control of these thanks to advances technology and reporting.

Access Control

Reporting Excel board with details

Recording time for enter and exit

Control on comings and goings and visit to your office

Security Guard Solution

Reporting about the check points time of your guard

Define checking time and easy to carry

Connect USB devices to PC and export for control

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