Hi, my name is Aurora Chen. I am a business development executive in ITM. In 2017, I came to this country rich in culture for the first time; Vietnam. Like many of you, whether if you are living here or visiting. You wanted to see what it has to offer. I received this opportunity to work in furniture manufacturing outside of Saigon which was the experience really broaden my world, career-wise. I got to travel a lot and meet amazing people that put themselves out there; that is the element I find inspiring about people here, either foreign or local. Perhaps because I’m from a small town in Taiwan; I always wanted to put myself out of the comfort zone to explore more of everything. I now based out of Ho Chi Minh City and joined the sales team of ITM; it’s again another adventure and great opportunity to dig further in this diverse culture and breath with it on a daily basis. I love the fact that I get to meet more people and sometimes to cook for them or even just grabbing a drink and have a chat.